You have found the premium painted portrait site. This is the Official portrait site of Master commissioned oil painter, YURIK RIEGEL. Yurik works with men and women who really want to give a timeless and eternal expression of their love. The oil painting might be the star attraction for a wedding, significant date, grandparent’s golden anniversary, a child’s birthday or any other event or person you want to commemorate.

In days gone past; like the Renaissance, the Romantic period, the Edwardian age, and before TV and internet; patrons like the De Medici family would commission painters to create gorgeous paintings to adorn their palaces,  summer homes, and mansions. Yurik brings this experience back to the modern era.

The painting is an expression of your love that is just as fresh 30 years (or 300 years) from now as the day the gift was given.
They will feel that love anew every day, an you will also.

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Get swept away into an enchanted world.  YURIK RIEGEL is a master at depicting people and animals in his own unique way, surrounded by fantasy elements, loved ones, ancestors, magical landscapes.   At Paint Her As A Mermaid, we specialize in making dreams come true and fantasy into reality, and we also do more traditional commissions.  Did a collegue make partner? Did someone in your life conquer cancer?  Perhaps the start-up company  just got funded or a scientist made a key discovery.  With over 25 years experience, he has created  sophisticated and tasteful commissioned portraits for clients all over the US.

Yurik also specializes in:

Corporate Gifts

Founder Portraits

Corporate Clients

VIP Retirement

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Lauryn Portrait

A lifelike bust portrait of the object of your affection with a simple background. The person can be painted realistically or with fantasy elements. 16″x20″





Our most popular option, the Delux portrait features the complete figure in a unique  pose and environment, a combination of fine detail and loose brushwork . 24″x 36″




DaybreakYurik _800

For those who demand the very best.  In a world of digital cameras and temporary photography, give a gift of custom art that stands the test of time. The Museum Premium portrait features the object of your desire masterfully rendered in a one-of-a-kind oil painting with a creative and highly detailed environment in a classical style – created with Pre-Rafaelite technique, soft blending ( sfumato), and designed to look fresh off the museum wall.  This artwork will be cherished and handed down for generations.  It is painted on hand-stretched linen using archival techniques designed to look just as good as the day it was painted  for over 800 years.  Package includes archival varnishing and inspection by the artist ( which is classically done when the oil paint is fully dry, 6 months after delivery), and Certificate of Authenticity. Size is 36″x48″. Options include delivery and presentation at a wedding or other special event, and wall design consultation.  Let us know if we can answer any more of your questions about this or any other option.



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